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The Astrapex ASTRA Cone is the entry-level booster in the ASTRA range. The Cone is the ideal solution for hotspot router users. For many users, hotspots are an excellent outdoor connectivity solution, but a weak home and office solution. With the ASTRA Cone a user simply connects the Cone’s connecter to their LTE hotspot to enjoy a great boost to their LTE signal and speed. The ASTRA Cone is used in conjunction with LTE 4G hotspot routers with a single antenna input (usually found on the back).

Product Name 1800MHz Yagi Antenna(9 elements)
Electric Specification
Model ASTRA Cone
Frequency Range-MHz 1710-1880
Bandwidth-MHz 170
Gain-dBi 13
Connector SMA-male-pin
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions-mm 0.6
Weight-kg 0.6
Mounting Mast Diameter- 30-50-mm