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The Astrapex ASTRA 14 is a range topping powerful yet compact 14dbi signal booster. Once installed, the ASTRA 14, will significantly boost 4G LTE connectivity allowing users to get the most out of their existing 4G connections. In homes and offices where 4G connectivity indoors is far weaker than 4G connectivity outdoor the ASTRA 14 is the ideal solution. The Booster’s state of the art technology transforms homes and offices into internet sanctuaries. The ASTRA 14 is used in conjunction with LTE 4G routers with two antenna inputs (usually found on the back).

Product Name 1.8G dual polarization directional antenna
Electric Specification
Model ASTRA 14
Frequency Range-MHz Frequency Range-MHz 1770-1840
Bandwidth-MHz 70
Gain-dBi 14
Connector 2*N-female
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions-mm 305*305*25