about us

Hong Kong is emerging as a global hub of technological innovation and a powerhouse driving the world economy.

Based in Hong Kong, Astrapex Technologies is providing the global telecommunications community with innovative and profit maximizing products. Astrapex products enable Telecom operators the ability to access the enormous untapped potential of their networks. Using Astrapex 4G data signal boosters, Telecom operators can transform into true internet service providers offering stable and reliable internet connections at exceptional speeds.

The setback of modern 4G infrastructures is not in the ability to transmit strong data signals, but is in the ability of consumers to receive such signals reliably. Astrapex devices solve this dilemma by allowing consumers to receive such signals not just reliably, but also near its full potential thus helping to ensure exceptional internet speeds.

The Astrapex product range also includes signal repeaters, routers, and hotspots thus completing a full array of devices that work to complement each other and create a user experience that would have been unattainable in the past.

Welcome to the world of Astrapex Technologies.